[Solved] DNS really stubborn


(translation of french post)

Édith tells how solve, back page.

I’ve just upgraded my Moto E 2015 surnia from e-0.7-n to e-0.9-n (still UNOFFICIAL). Among the first config’ I adopted a NDF DNS to remove gg’s ones.

In Settings > Wireless & Network > More > DNS:

  • I’ve disabled the network DNS,
  • tucked in the NDF’s, okay.

In Wifi > Change Network :

  • entered password,
  • changed DHCP to Static,
  • not touched the IP addresses,
  • entered DNS1 FDN and DNS2

The ‘Save’ button remains grayed out, I only have ‘Cancel’ and the DNS remains both gg’s :rage: :rage: :rage:

I hadn’t had the slightest problem with e-0.7, now I’ve been looking for a while but can’t find how to solve.


Édith :

In fact, when I started again this morning I noticed that the “Save” button gets gray when I switch from DHCP to Static. Then I tried to re-enter the IP address, grayed out but still readable, and “Save” reappeared (as well as the gateway IP). End of procedure (DNS IP entry) and it works…

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