[Solved] Good calendar widget for /e/?

New to /e/ i’d l’île to have a calendar widget on my phone. Does anyone bas anything ti suggest?
Thanks un advance.

Use simple calendar pri from Apps. It has a good widget. But keep in mind, with bliss launcher you only can add widget’s in the first homescreen under the under the weather widget. On the other screens you can’t add widgets.

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todo agenda from appstore or f-droid works fine

I’ve tried your suggestion but they don’t seem to work. What am I doing wrong.
I get the widgets to display but they don’t show the next events. Look like a configuration problem but I can’t figure what’s wrong.

With the widget from simple calender is it no problem. It shows all upcomming events

Thanks for your help!

It doesn’t wok for me. The screenshot shows the result for simple calendar pro.
I see there is something on the 22nd but I’d like to see what…

You know that you can resize the widget ??

I would like to but long presse on the widget kills the application. There is another way to resize?

That’s crazy. As you can see on my pic. i was able to resize :thinking:
On which e Version are you? Nougat, oreo, pie?

Actually it ii bliss launcher that crashes. How do i known which version? I dont sée any on the names on the parameters. I bought a s7 with preloaded /e/

Yeah, Bliss crashes on Nexus 5 too simply by going to the widgets and back. Not always though, only sometimes.

Ok guys tgat.s bad. I’m sorry, bliss is not really tge best launcher.
At first, i would please you to create an issue and at second, i would use an other, better launcher like librechair.

give openlauncher a try, it is my favourite you can find it on e appstore or on f-droid, it was easy for me to add the calender widget

Hi I moved to total launcher and I am pretty happy!

Cool, anf yes, that launcher is very good :smiley: