[SOLVED] Oneplus 5 Notification light/LED and haptic feedback

Hi everyone!

I have a OnePlus One set up as my daily driver, works fine for the most part, just a few apps struggle. I am setting up a OP 5 now. Successful install, just working on basic settings. I have the phone set up pretty much the same as the One, to eventually replace it.

I can’t get the notification light to come on… I have played with the various settings and rebooted of course, but no luck. Does the light work with the e OS? I bought the phone used and didn’t think to verify before installing e. Just wondering what other users have found.

Also, I can’t stop the keyboard from vibrating with every key touch. Again, I tried a bunch of settings adjustments with no success.

Just wondering about other users experiences. Do I just accept it, or is my phone a bit shifty?


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Oh yeah, is there a way to force the notification light on to test? I couldn’t find anything other than activating it as normal, in response to a notification.

OK, this is embarrassing. The touch vibration setting under Sound>Advanced>Touch Vibration seems to have been overriden by Accessibility>Vibration>Touch Vibration.

Toggling the vibration option through the Sound menu made no difference as long as the Touch Vibration option was active under the Accessibility menu.

How about we consider this as “sharing a learning”.

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How about the notification light? Sorry about two issues in one thread.