[SOLVED] Shelter and bliss launcher don't get along well

one mine it’s gone from shelter. The shelter screen is complete empty. But on home screen menu the apps are available but the won’t start.
It seems that shelter has a lot of problems with some custom roms.

Is this problem solved for you guys ?
'Cause for me, Bliss Launcher never worked, I guess because of shelter.

Maybe it will be worthwhile to make a fresh install when 1.0 will be out…

I haven’t used Shelter for a long time, but now I downloaded it to test if the issue still exists and bliss launcher is completely broken all of a sudden. It just keeps stopping.
I uninstalled Shelter and everything is back to normal.

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Ok it’s exactly the same here. Thanks for your test !

I think this is a quite significant issue, because the sandboxing capability is an advantageous feature for judicious smartphone usage. By the way, it works great on my LineageOS device.

However, this is not the only case when some third-party application conflicts with android’s work profile API on which Shelter is based.

in October, after rebooting, shelter made all the icons disappear, except for a few. Now again. /e/ isn’t compatible with shelters. I hope that /e/ add a (reliable) function to clone the apps in dual sim smartphones like Xiaomi…

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Thank you for keeping an eye on this. It’s a little sad that the problem is still there. But why are you associating the cloning to work profile feature with the dual-SIM support?

because i need to user whatsapp with those people who don’t want to use other apps. Shelter works in this way and it is better because it also isolates the contacts from the main address book. Otherwise you can use Parallel Space or Whatsapp Business but in this way all contacts are exposed

I mean, Shelter (which relies on android’s work profile API) doesn’t care how many SIMs are used in your device, or whether it supports cellular at all. So, a smartphone doesn’t have to be dual-band to support Shelter. That’ s why I’m wondering why you’re putting these two things together.

Problem: i want to have 2 accounts of the same app (isn’t Telegram tha can handle 2 or more phone nr, and aren’t Signal or Phone Call app) because i have 2 phone nr. This app require phone nr for confirmation. This app sends a code via sms to verify the identity of the phone number. /e/ OS doesn’t manage app cloning (instead MIUI can do it).

(my) Solution: there is Shelter which clones the app in the work profile. I can also separate phonebook (personal and work profile, another advantage, better than simple cloning)

Is there a better and reliable different solution to apps cloning in /e/ OS?

Thank you

So is there another launcher suggested if user threat model requires to use shelter?

KISS works magically.
See issue here. Please vote it up?

Fixed here.


“Lawnchair” is the launcher app I am using, since I faced the shelter/bliss bug. However the bug seems to be fixed :smiley: here as you already noted. will give Bliss a try again and see.

Bliss don’t display shelter’s “unfreez and lunch” shortcuts

I was glad to see @amitkumar 's fix f7b97b87, now Bliss displays and lunches “sheltered” apps correctly.

But when an app is added into the “Auto Freeze List” of shelter and then one chooses to create an “unfreeze and lunch shortcut” for that app, the corresponding icon is not displayed by Bliss.

The “Auto Freeze List” is an important feature of shelter regarding privacy and isolation. Making use of it allows to restrict the effect of pervasive apps, as they will be frozen when not being used.

Workaround: the easiest way of course is to use another launcher such as “lawnchair”, but this is not a solution.

Looking forward for a fix, and thanks to Bliss devs and the community for the great job :slight_smile:

P.S. this is the text of the issue #145 I posted on gitlab, and I wrote the same, few minutes ago, as a comment on the closed issue #66.

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Has this problem been solved? (it’s August 2019 now)

the original issue has been fixed. the current issue is regarding “auto freezed apps shortcuts” not showing. your help is welcome :wink:

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Hi, maybe I can help test something on my Galaxy S7.

But I’m not even sure I understand what “auto freezed apps shortcuts” means :slight_smile:

Shelter has a feature, it can auto-freeze an app. which means the app is frozen/blocked when it is not being used, in order to restrict the activity of pervasive apps.

If an app is added to that auto-freeze list, then one can create a shortcut (an icon on the launcher) which will unfreeze and launch the corresponding app at need (instead of unfreezing and launching it from Shelter itself).

It is that type of shortcuts (or icons) that don’t get displayed by Bliss launcher :slight_smile:

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How does Lawnchair work? Does it just override Bliss?

And then, if uninstalled, will Bliss be working fine again?