[SOLVED] Signal private messenger app needs un update

Hi dear community,

Today, when launching Signal to read my messages, a blue header appeared (and remains) telling that my version of the application is out of date and will expire in 9 days.
I can’t find any update on the application store.
Like it’s my principal texting application, I’ll be glad to keep using it beyond this date. Is there any Signal app update planned?
If not, how can I go through this?

For what it worth, I’m using /e/ OS0.8-2020041549770 on Samsung Galaxy S7 (Herolte)

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Mentioned in another thread, best thing to do would be to install the apk directly from Signal website, just scroll down the page under ‘danger zone’ this apk also self updates. https://signal.org/android/apk/

FYI. the eAppStore is still a work in progress and many apps will be outdated at the moment. Best to use f-droid and Aurora Store for the current time.


OK. Thank you for your helpful answer. :+1:
Sorry having missed the other thread :confused:

I came here to ask for the same thing. :slight_smile:
When I clicked in the message in the blue header I was redirected to Google PlayStore.
I didn’t know I could install it directly from Signal website, I will try it.

^ @veroandi scroll down the page the Big blue Download button should allow you to download apk file direct not redirect to play/aurora store :grin:

Thx, I have also installed signal from apk.

Will it still receive updates / auto update? or do i have to manually update some how?

Tnx all, I have successfully installed signal from the download apk.

What does it take to regularly get a new versions of Signal in the /e/ app store? Can I help out? Is it a matter of uploading the apk somewhere? Credentials needed? Does the Signal organisation (Whispernet?) need to take action? Does cleanapk.org need to take action?

This kind of disruptions in normal use of /e/ prohibit me from advising /e/OS to my friends and relatives… I know I am not telling something new. But at this moment it is daunting to me…

The current version of App installer has some issues. There will be a new version of the App Installer coming in the next set of /e/ builds coming out in 1-2 weeks. This issue with old version of apps should be resolved with this fix.


thank you @Manoj that is great news! A relief!

Will there be action needed by everybody who has installed the direct download from signal.org?

If the signature of the APK isn’t the same in the website and in the Play Store, yes, you won’t be able to update.

So for Signal, you can backup and restore your conversations in the app downloaded in Apps.

Direct download from Signal updates itself within the app. No need to do anything.

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Thank you @Anonyme and @b3pio !

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I have the same problem with updating the Signal app. I get the error “no such app found”. Version in Apps and installed: 4.54.3 (5961). Latest version from Signal: 4.58.5.

Hi @tbhdk.
To solve your problem, you just have to do as explained by @b3pio:

install the apk directly from Signal website --> just scroll down the page under ‘danger zone’ and press the button :wink:

It will download the apk. Then you’ll have to execute it in order to update your running version of Signal.

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It worked. Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m having the same issue and was waiting for the fix, since you said 1-2 weeks. That’s 24 days ago now. Did I miss an update or something? Signal still will not work for messaging, only calls.

Hi @kats,

Yes, the update of App installer was delivered in the last version of /e/ and for me it worked, Signal is getting its update from the new App installer.

Maybe you should try to manually check a system update.

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