[Solved] Song view closes without microphone permission

When using default Music app without microphone permission, it’s not possible to stay on the song view: it closes right after entering it.

If, as comprehensively, user denies microphone permission for always, there’s no way to know how this occurs.

It’s very annoying and incomprehensible why a music player needs access to microphone!

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That’s weird, i have no issues with song view and microphone access permanently denied.


Perhaps for a ‘vocal launching’ feature… What is your /e/ version ?

You can easily disable this app from Settings > Apps > Music and install an other one from F-Droid or App…

I thought same, but I’m not the only user who has experienced this. @avtkal has experienced something similar, we’re waiting to test the bug; but seems the same.

I’m using /e/OS mido, Android 7.1.2, on a self flashed Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 X.

@avtkal experienced that in a bought /e/ phone.

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I suppose it’s for that, but seems strange to me. If I don’t solve the problem, I’ll install another app.


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Hi Porru!
I’m going to ask you a question that’s probably obvious:
have you tried to delete the application data?
(settings - apps - music - clear storage)

Anyway, try another application for music, and I can also recommend one of the best: Musicolet


Hey, that solved the problem!!

I wouldn’t think it would be caused by the storage, as the OS is recently installed.
Anyway it worked!


To sum up, this, song view closing if denied permission to microphone to Music app, has happened on:

  • User-installed /e/OS Mido, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 X
  • Refurbished bought /e/OS Herolte, Samsung Galaxy S7

To solve this, only tested on the first device/software, worked to erase the application’s data: Settings > Apps > Music > Clear storage

It would be great if someone else can test this to change the convenient configurations, if so.

Anyway also to me, the first times I used /e/ OS, and therefore Music, it could happen that every now and then it closed, and in fact I decided to change application; but he never asked me the use of the microphone… it seems to me… :thinking:

Do you still have Music App and can see if it has the permission?

Yes, I have Music app but I disabled it because now I’m using Musicolet;

but yesterday I tried to re-enable it without mic permission, and it worked fine.

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Okay, I reopen this thread again.
When changing a parameter* in Music Settings, it asks me for mic permission, and if denied happens the same.
So I’m not able to change that parameter succesfully :disappointed:

* Show music illustration, or something similiar in English

Okay, I tried and it happened to me too.
When I want to enable “Show music visualisation” option, then it ask for mic permission, and if I don’t give it, so it doesn’t remain in the song view, disappear from foreground and continues the music on background.

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Pl raise this as a bug in gitlab and the developers can remove this extra permission from the code.

There was already an issue opened a week ago about mic permission on Music, but not about the song view close.
I explained the bug in a comment, is that good?
Or should I create an apart bug report?

If it has already been raised on Gitlab then comments with additional details would be enough. The developers can get in touch with you if they need more details.

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