Some app don't install

I’m new to /e/, when installing some Synology app from the store, some of them, don’t install : When I click install, the button blink but come back to “install”. Synology “DS Cam” intall work but not " Synology Photos" or " Synology Chat".

Here is the adb logcat:

01-10 13:48:21.306  3375 11032 I ActivityManager: START u0 {cmp=foundation.e.apps/.application.ApplicationActivity (has extras)} from uid 10040 on display 0
01-10 13:48:21.487  3375  4140 E WindowManager: App trying to use insecure INPUT_FEATURE_NO_INPUT_CHANNEL flag. Ignoring
01-10 13:48:21.533 29209 29230 D mali_winsys: EGLint new_window_surface(egl_winsys_display*, void*, EGLSurface, EGLConfig, egl_winsys_surface**, egl_color_buffer_format*, EGLBoolean) returns 0x3000,  [1440x2560]-format:1
01-10 13:48:21.629  3375  3408 I ActivityManager: Displayed foundation.e.apps/.application.ApplicationActivity: +294ms
01-10 13:48:21.706 29209 29230 D OpenGLRenderer: endAllActiveAnimators on 0x7f6af0c400 (RippleDrawable) with handle 0x7f7adc7100
01-10 13:48:22.641 29209 29220 I art     : Background sticky concurrent mark sweep GC freed 1243(80KB) AllocSpace objects, 0(0B) LOS objects, 0% free, 112MB/112MB, paused 6.950ms total 32.470ms
01-10 13:48:22.737  3375  3454 W ConnectivityExtension: ConnectivityExt jar file not present

Thanks for your help.

If it can help : it was the version of android : stable for S7 is android 7, after upgrading to dev Oreo android 8 it works :grinning:
An error message will be more than welcome !
I find it when I try to push an APK with adb.

if I read you correctly:

  • you’d welcome a better error message from /e/ Apps, that the failing installation is due to the Android Version used?
  • you finally saw a better error message from Android when using adb install directly on the apk when still in Nougat (Android 7)
  • then updated to Oreo and it worked

Yes, exacty, the adb message is very technical but helped me : Requires newer sdk version #26 (current version is #25)

An error message like : “This application need an newer version of android” will be good, and better if it tell the needed version.