Some features I'm missing

Hi all, coming from LineageOS i found something missing:
speaking of bliss, it would be great to be able to organize icons within groups; furthermore, it should have a calendar widget (Agenda ToDo is ok) that we can put above the others and possibly hide the favorites or the weather widget.

On the other hand, for the mail service it would be useful to be able to use mail with custom domains or at least to be able to specify a different sending address. Until then, Google’s combination of mail, calendar and address book is the best. A different email service with the address book and calendar is hardly usable.

It would be great to have F-droid as the default store and to have the ability to download and install Aurora Store when you first start your phone to avoid problems with Google. There are also Amazon App Store and Huawei App Store that can be installed without any problems.
The current App store you provide is missing many applications (including bank app, the only one using Microg services + Magisk that i really need!) and some are of dubious origin (unknown source). Maybe we don’t need yet another store.

Actually i think /e/ is the best phone OS project, and one that can really be an option to Google or Apple for every day use.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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Are you referring to /e/ Cloud (web) or Mail phone app ?
I have currently 5 emails accounts in Mail app, from 3 different domains …

I’m referring to the Web email: right now it’s impossible to use an email from another provider with /e/ Cloud (i.e. Rainloop). So unless you use “” for everything, the /e/ Cloud is pretty useless.
I prefer to use mainly the Web interface (usable on every PC) and have everything synchronized to the phone.