Some newbie questions: phone carrier and updates

Hi all,

I’m thinking of installing /e/ on my old daily driver phone, and if anyone could clarify a few nagging details I’d really appreciate it.

Is it certain that if my phone works now with my carrier (T-mobile, in the US), that it will also work after installing /e/?

Will there be security updates in the future?

I’ve been keeping my eye on /e/ for a while and I was delighted to find that my phone model (LG V20 H918) has an unofficial build–thanks to whomever did that!

Thanks for any clarification anyone can offer.

-Jim G

T-Mobile should work just fine after going to /e/. I have two /e/ devices on TMO in the U.S. No problems.

As far as security updates, I would guess that would depend on the builder of the unofficial ROM and whether or not they’ll continue to build and apply or backport (if older Android) any security patches.