Some settings are reset after a phone reboot (Galaxy S9 /e/ Q dev 0.19)

When I set the “Fast charge” setting to disabled (Settings>batttery>Fast charge), this setting is reset to enabled after a reboot.
Same thing for the “Color profile” setting (Settings>Display>LiveDisplay>Color profile). it is always reset to “adaptive” after a reboot.
I’m using a galaxy S9 under /e/ Q dev 0.19.
Can you tell me If I missed something, if it is normal or not ? Thanks.

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I have been experiencing the same about Fast Charge, since when I installed /e/-OS 1.0 dev (after installing stock Android Q) … and it’s still there on 1.4 dev (S9+, Q).
Didn’t check about "Color Profile).
I suspect it’s a stock Android Q “feature” … not /e/-OS … but let me check.