Someone test this app "Topo GPS" with microG?

My currently phone: FP3 +
Android version: 12
My currently system build: /e/OS version 1.12.3-s-xxx-stable-FP3
the xxx = are for the numbers i won’t publish
Phone is connected to wifi!

My MicroG Service works well with other apps but not with the “Topo GPS”.
I installed the app over the AppLounge with my playstore e-mail where i bought the the map.

When i lunch the Topo GPS app than:
i click on → Maps → More maps → (for me it’s)Germany →
Than we have the options
Button 1:
→ Access to whole Germany → Button(Purchase)
Button 2:
→ Restore previos purchases

both bottons are not working!

When i try the button 1:
The error message is:
Could not connect to Google Play
Please check your internet connection and make sure you are logged in to Google Play.

When i try the button 2:
Then you see this page →

The purchases are connected to your Google Play account. To retrieve your earlier purchases you need to be logged in into Google Play with the Google Play account that was used to made the purchases. Purchased maps and layers are made accessible automatically when connected to internet.

It is not possible to transfer purchases from Topo GPS on iOS to Topo GPS on Android.

In the past you could install country specific versions of Topo GPS. To fetch your purchases from one of these apps into the current app you have to do the following:

  1. Install the country specific app that you used before. Scroll down for a list of possibilities.

  2. Make sure you have installed the most recent version and start the country specific app.

  3. Go to Menu > Maps in the current app to retrieve the purchases.

  4. You can now remove the country specific app from your device.

than i click on → "Topo GPS Germany "
The error Message:
Error occurred while loading apps.
This can be because server is not responding or other server error.

Please retry to try again or try later.

→ there is a function “more info”
AppNotFound( reasons= )
Name (AppDetailsHelper.kt:87)
layAPIImplf$getAppDetails$2.invokeSuspend (GPlayAPTImpl.kt:200)

I hope someone have any idea.

Topo GPS uses In-App Purchases which requires Play Store to verify and process. As the message says. Without it there is nothing you can do. Other than install Play Store if necessary.

Perhaps you could alternatively use another (open-source) app such as OsmAnd~, for example.

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I installed OsmAnd~ is a good option. I will see it after my journey. Thank you for the answer. :slight_smile: