Sony Experia Z5 Stuck On June 2020 Update

While updating my Sony Experia Z5 which runs Android 17 back in June of 2020 I lost the data connection. I forgot about it until a couple of months later I noticed that I hadn’t received any new updates except for apps. I tried restarting the June update but it wouldn’t do anything. I tried to go back and look for a previous update and it doesn’t give me any options other than to resume the June update. When I try resuming the update I receive the error message: ‘This update can’t be installed on top of the current build.’ When I click on the refresh button it says there are no new updates. How long will my phone continue to function without any new updates?

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Is there any way to un-jam my phone and receive updates again? I’m no longer receiving messages on my phone. A friend told me I may be able to side load updates into my phone. Is that possible?


yes you can just download the last version from a laptop, transfer the .zip file into the internal storage of the phone (in the Downloads directory for instance).

Then enter into the recovery mode (TWRP) > Install > select the .zip file and swipe to install. Once the installation in done, click on “Reboot System” and on “Do Not Install”.

Do not wipe anything (unless you want to factory reset, in that case just after the installation, do not reboot directly, go into Wipe > Format Data > yes).

Thank you for your help. I’d like to try your instructions but first I want to transfer all of my contacts on my phone to the sim card so I don’t lose them in case something goes wrong. Unfortunately I can’t find any option to do that on the phone and can’t find any instructions how to do it in this forum.

To backup your Contacts, open Contacts, go into Settings and click on “Export” and “Export to .vcf file”. To restore the backup, click on “Import” instead of “Export”.

Thank you. I was able to create the .vcf file. To anyone else who is reading this, exporting it doesn’t save it to the sim card but to the Android file on the phone. I was also able to transfer the file through the usb cord to my pc. Now I can view my contacts on my pc in a script format.

I followed Anonyme’s instructions and voila! I have the current update! Thank you for taking the time to help me with this. I truly appreciate it!