Sorry, but back from murenacloud

Hi everyone,

i have a Managed Nextcloud Instance by an German Hoster, with the Datacenter in Germany.
I want to support murena and the Team, so i think to switch to murena and give that team a chance, but the murena Cloud Instance is very buggy

  • I can’t choose a Profile Picture for my account.

  • I want to connect with Nextcloud Bookmark App, but there is a connection error all the time. With or without Advanced Privacy…

  • the murena eMail Account is not set automatic in Mailapp on my Phone (GS290). I try to setup manualy, but Mailapp crashes… every try, every time… The error i get is an Invalid SSL certificate ?!?

  • the connection to the murena Cloud Intance is very slow, even Advanced Privacy is disconected…

I switched back to my old Nextcloud Instance, because i need my Data for my work and i don’t want to play with my save workflow.



EDIT: I would like to continue paying because I believe in the cause and think it’s good.

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Regarding Nextcloud Bookmark app, there’s a few threads concerning issues with probably the server side. People having issues with the floccus sync tool mostly.
For me, just today I find that the Bookmarks app on LOS 14.1 and Carbon ROM Android 11 no longer connects. When trying to login again I get the message you see below.
Is it possible that the backend is not current? Conversely, it is current but the clients (Bookmarks app or floccus) aren’t compatible with it? I do not know but it is definitely an issue.

EDIT: Oh wait, just remembered. The recent odd name change of the bookmarks directory may be the reason. There’s a thread mentioning it. Folder “Könyvjelzők biztonsági mentése” in ecloud.

I would think that the Bookmarks app, floccus, or anything else would be looking for a directory named Bookmarks, not that.

Bookmark sync is currently broken. That’s bad and I don’t like it, too. But don’t forget that Murena is fresh out of Beta and I guess proper maintenance and bugfixing will improve after the milestone “Murena” was pushed out of the door.

eCloud is indeed a bit slower than your own nextcloud in Germany as eCloud servers are located in Finland.

If you mail Account is not properly set up, the imap settings are here for manual configuration.

thats exact the same folder, that i can’t explain, for what it is…

cheers Stefan

EDIT: the Mail Account works now for me… thx for the link.

I start using the Nextcloud Cloud when the Photo and Bookmark Issue is fixed.

All Bugs are gone and i start using my murenaCloud Account for Work on all my devices. Many thanks to the clever minds who were responsible for eliminating the errors - great job!!! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: