Sorting contacts


Recently I realized that there’s something wrong with sorting contacts in applications like Message, QKSMS, Whatsapp, Signal and maybe others. Firstly in the system contacts I set sorting by surnames (each contact has name and surname in the appropriate section). In the the Phone Dialer and Contacts application sorting is fine. When using mentioned applications like Signal for instance I see that it sorts by name what makes a mess at least for me. I tried to change in the Contacts application as follows: In the name section I wrote surname and in the surname section I wrote name. Then in Signal it’s fine in contacts starting with letter B I saw changed contact, as expected.
I think that mentioned communicators sorts the contacts by name and I couldn’t find any option to change it. There is some inconsistency. System insists to enter correct data in particular sections for contacts data. Applications don’t really respects that or this is how I see it.
I checked it on Nougat and Q version of /e/OS.

Could you guys check it for me, please, if you encounter similar issue?