Sound issue on Fairphone3+


My Fairphone 3+ (/e/) is experiencing some strange sound issues. My wife has the same phone and similar issue.

E.g. no sound when calling but it works when speacker is activated

No sound on streaming video but works for some time when I reboot… Until a certain time undetermined

I am in France and bought the phones last month

Please help


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can you detail the version you’re on? (/e/-q-2021…). Last I remember some specific fairphone firmware update solved sound issues: No sound 50+% of the time in calls, until reboot - #264 by rae - Fairphone 3 - Fairphone Community Forum

A high-quality audio codec was causing the ASDP component to go into an improper state, making the internal microphone and speaker unusable by the operating system.

but already in march 2021 → until this trickles down to the /e/ firmware and the phones… your version string clears it up if you already have current firmware.