Sound of soundcloud app dimms down frequently without reason

Hi everyone,

I have an issue with the sound of my FFP3, specifically the sound of my Soundcloud app (for other apps I cannot say, at least watching youtube through FF does not generate the same problems). When I listen to music through Soundcloud (headphones or bluetooth with my soundsystem) the sound (especially the bass) dimms down abpruptly. It seems to me that it is related to notifications of other apps appearing, but currently it happens without them appearing at least (what does not mean, that there are no notifcation renewals). The sound sometimes comes back up after some time, but most of the time it stays down until I paused the music and played it again.

Has anyone experienced the same issue and maybe found a solution for it?

Thank you very much in advance!


This was seemingly solved or at least its occurence substantially reduced soon after I posted it, but has reemerged and gotten worse some weeks later. Any ideas why or how to resolve it?