Speakerphone mic not working in calls FP4

I tested the microphone while making a voice recording and was able to pick up my voice from across the room, so I’m assuming the mic does work it just doesn’t work in calls. Anyone had similar problem and know how to fix it?

Try using the handset / earpiece only. The hands free / speaker mutes the mic. I wonder if this is caused by the extreme loud speaker near the mic. But you cant lower the volume of the speaker. I hope that this issue is corrected soon.
At present sometimes I turn the earpiece volume to maximum to get a kind of hands free.

Are you serious? Is it like this with all FP4?

I cant tell you about all FP4, but this is my experience. And some others have a similar or the same issue.

Additional Info: Now I tried talking with hands free in Threema. This is perfect. The problem seems to be in the phone app.