Status of troubleshooting version 0.14 from January 29th for the FP3 +

Could you give me the status of troubleshooting the Fairphone 3+?

 - LiveDisplay does not work.
 - Cannot save email attachments.
 - calendar notifications for no reason.
 - If the "Use date and time provided by the network" setting is disabled, when the phone is restarted, the time is no longer correct or in 24-hour mode, and the date is not displayed correctly .

thank you

Hello, I just received version 0.14 from January 29th for the FP3 +.
Here is:

very long installation …
display problems unreadable texts on black background and too light on white background
no more dark mode (tasks, music, calendar and gallery) unreadable icon in clock …
plus the other concerns listed above.
Thank you

Please note, attachment recording is possible via the K-9 Mail application since version 0.14