Storage/export location of updates?

I’ve been keeping my update files, and because of that am running out of room on internal storage. I know how to delete the old updates, but was wanting to keep local copies. I tried exporting one using the built-in process (option enabled when you long press the update), but that has now copied the update to an unknown location on my internal storage, making my internal storage problem worse. I know I can solve the storage problem by deleting the old updates, but am now curious where that update was exported to? Seems like it should go to Downloads or something, but it’s not there. Anyone know? Also, does anyone know the path to where the update files are originally stored? Also, perhaps the location of the preference where you set the update export location?

How have you searched ?? With TWRP file manager ? Best you will search via TWRP terminal for the .zip files

Good idea. The exports are stored in /storage/emulated/0/LineageOS updates.
I had been serching on laptop over USB file transfer, hadn’t tried an on-phone file manager yet.

This process does not find the original downloads used in the update process, however. Anyone have an idea where those are stored?