Storage full, but actually empty! Phone buggy

Hi everyone
It’s a while I haven’t been able to use my Fairphone 3+ because something reallty strange happened to it. The storage manager indicates that I am out of storage, I’ve cancelled most apps, all photos and media, cookies,cache etc. However, it still says them same and it seems to point to photo storage as the main cause for using up all the space. However, it is completely empty! I’ve cancelled everything, so not sure why this is happening.
Since storage indicates 100% the phone has become very buggy. I can’t make calls, apps crash. Signal stopped working completely and it is completely unreliable.
Help! Does anyone know what could be done about this?

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Hi @Sim2 welcome to the /e/ forum.

Please can you login to your eCloud login and open the Files app.

On the bottom left you should see ‘Deleted files’

Are there big files there? If yes, please try to permanently delete some. It is best to try to delete one of the smallest files first, when that reports success, move on to 2 or 3 small files … wait for a success report each time as you proceed! :slightly_smiling_face:

If this is not the issue please ask again.

Hi @aibd thanks very much for the suggestion.
I logged in, however, the deleted file folder is empty :frowning:
Is there anything else I could try?

@aibd adding screenshot for reference

Thank you for ruling that out!

I have tagged your post Fairphone. Another issue that I believe that device has is if an SD card is mounted as ‘Internal storage’ Are you able to rule out that possibility?

To recap, when you look at Settings > Storage is the first thing you see 100% full, even before you enter storage? Perhaps you could give the ‘Used - Free’ figures you see, in case anyone recognises something.

Hi @aibd
There is no SD card mounted as internal storage, in the sense that I did not add one.

So the storage situation developed as follows:
initially the figure was high, around 90% so I deleted a couple of apps to lower it.
It might have gone down by a couple of % points, but a few days later it would show 96%, then 99% etc. Every time I would deleted some more. I got rid of all media (there weren’t many) and reduced apps to a bare minimum. Despite all of this storage figure shows 100% and the phone has now reached a stage where it is completely unreliable, I can’t send text messages, use apps (they “stop working”) etc.
Not sure if this helps to provide more backgroud?

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Hi Sim,
i have a similar Problem, did you find out what does make the ecloud full?


Hi Marco

It was Telegram in my case.

I deleted certain things in the app can’t quite remember.but if you have the app on your phone start from there!

thanks for the suggestion,
unfortunately it won’t be my case since i don’t use telegram,
did you get any more suggestions?
what i find difficult is that i can’t find out where i should go to look and delete whatever it makes it full…
i mean it says that the cloud is full but in the cloud (web) itself nothing appears that would make it full. So how can i find out the folder that makes it full…

In Einstellungen Versteckte Dateien anzeigen.
vielleicht Sicherungsdatei von Seedvault

Hallo Manjar,
wo in der Cloud kann ich die Datei sichtbar machen? bzw. wird dort angegeben “1 versteckte Datei eingeschlossen”

In der cloud links unter ist
Dann versteckte Dateien sichtbarmachen.


danke, versteckt ist nur “.Contacts-Backup” Ordner mit 2,3 MB