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I’m using /e/ on my FP3 and experience a strange issue when trying to install a system update via the built-in updater:

System updater tells me that an update is available. After installing the update without problems, I reboot my phone. /e/ starts normally, but after logging into my phone, I notice that no app can get access to neither the internal “common” storage ( /storage/emulated/0) nor to the “external” SD-card. Trying to browse the common storage with a filemanager or with androids own file picker dialog results in an empty /storage/emulated/0-directory, the external SD-card is not even shown.

The only solution I found is to do a factory reset, wipe everything, make a clean install of /e/ and reinstall all the apps from scratch. Quite painful :wink:

Yes. This issue first occured after updating from /e/ 0.2x to 1.0, now that 1.1 is available it happens again.

Is this a known problem? Are there any solutions?

Thank you!

Don’t own a FP3. So can’t reproduce it. But what I want to clarify:
you write

Does this “external” mean that you’ve formatted your SD card as “portable” - or did you possibly format it as internal memory (I’d strongly discourage the latter as it can lead to several issues)?

Sidenote: there’s a function in Discourse for headlines I’d prefer to writing all in capitals: just prepend the headline with one, two or three # signs followed by a space and the text… :slight_smile:

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My phone is Gigaset GS290. After the latest updates the Settings/Storage does not give right info about the contents of SD-card (formatted as internal, not portable). Images, Video and Audio shows 0.00GB. I have thousands of photos, and lots of video and audio. Settings/Storage/Apps show 29 GB, but when clicking it open, there is only one 240MB app.

Settings/Storage/SD-card shows 31.13 GB, but when adding up Apps 29 GB, System 2.4 GB and Other 1.4 GB it makes 32.8 GB.

Sorry for writing in capital letters, I got used to it in another forum …

“external SD-Card” means that it is formatted as portable. It is usually mounted to /storage/XXXX-XXXX.
“common internal storage” means the storage that can be found in /storage/emulated/0.

After updating none of the storage locations can be accessed by apps. I get a lot of toast notifications telling me about java exceptions caused by “primary storage not available”.
Anyway, when booting into a custom recovery like TWRP, storage is accessible there.
It seems like SD-cards are not “mounted” during boot after an update?


It seems not to be common. I never experienced this on my Fairphone 3, and I don’t find anything on this here in the forum or in the issue tracker quickly … Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab.
I would advise to raise an issue in the issue tracker so developers can have a look at it and interact with you.

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