Strange characters in Signal App


When someone sends me messages through the Signal app, after every sentence I get a square of dots with the text OBJ in it.

I have never seen this before :rofl:

Can someone tell me if he/she recognizes this problem?
I do not understand whats happening?

Perhaps it is a problem with the keyboard settings of the sender or it is a problem with Signal/eOS?

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I guess it has to do with emoji’s not beeing available on the device…
What device with which version do you have?


After more research it looks that it looks s an IPhone issue. The persons who is sending me text on the signal app has an IPhone and i have e/Os.

But i have this problem also on my laptop.

So it looks that this problem from him, or he has maybe an older version of signal?

I would not say it is a problem from the other person but iOS uses something the other operating systems can’t process. NotmsurejifmI would call it a problem or an unconvenience.

Ask your friend to look in the settings of the Signal app :

Instellingen > Chats> Toetsenbord > Systeem-emoji gebruiken

If this option is enabled, ask him to turn it of. Then try to send an emoji again…

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