Strange screen behavior. FP4

Hi everyone,

This post as I’ve experienced weird screen behavior since delivery of my Murena FP4: from time to time the screen behaves as if I was tapping it very quickly and randomly.
I can see it tap in front of me but the only way to stop it is to lock the phone (via the side power button).

Did anyone experience something similar?


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I did never see this behavior on my murena fp4.

After try resetting the phone to factory defaults (all data will be lost on phone) your best bet may be to contact murena support.

I have a FP4 from Fairphone, with eOS. I had this behaviour only using Organic map and the charging USB connected.
But there are some post in the FP forum about something like this.

I found the topic on the FP forum thanks to your answer. Looks like it’s exactly the same issue (but it remains unsolved so far)


I’ve had the same experience with a Teracube 2e, using the e/OS platform. I just assumed that, somehow, I’d been hacked, especially after watching someone/thing tap my phone into airplane mode, while sitting in a plane, on the run-way… SCARY, ISN’T IT?

I’m not phone tech savvy, so with no viable options, I’ve just felt violated!

Yes, screen moving up and down etc. Often only lasts one or two seconds.

Seems like Fairphone wild push a fix

Wild this be included in a future /e/ update ?

I’ve had this. I wrote an email to Fairphone support about this. It seemed like a hardware issue to me with how random and inconsistent it is. I’ll post the response here when I get it.

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I got an answer from Fairphone Support:

We are aware of an issue, which causes unexpected and uncontrollable touch events on the display. Our investigation showed that the issue is very complex and is caused by a combination of hardware and software factors. Until now, we were able to help most of our customers by sending the device to our repair center.

We discovered a long-term software solution, which will be included in the upcoming software update for Fairphone 4 at the end of August. After the update, the issue with erratic touches should be resolved without a need for a screen repair.

If you need a solution sooner or if the issues continue after the update, we’ll be happy to arrange a repair for you. There’s also something you can try at home - remove the back cover of the Fairphone 4 and tighten the 8 black display screws on the outer edge of the frame.

I don’t know when Murena will be adding these updates to /e/os but they are usually pretty quick about that. A little birdie also told me that we may see Android 13 for /e/os near the end of the month :slight_smile:


I just found this thread, and I am happy that I am not the only one with this problem.
I notice the same problem as you described but it started appearing AFTER the last update (which I installed around the end of august) for the first time. Did the update resolved your problem?


No, the latest update did not solve the issue.
From what I got following the thread mentioned by @Gavy, Fairphone has just recently made available the update including their fix. I’m not sure it solves completely the issue, but understood that it may be part of the next /e/ update (i.e 1.15).


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