Stuck on "Device detection" step on Pixel 4 with Linux installer

Trying to install /e/ on a Pixel 4 purchased specifically for this. (I would have purchased Murena phone but they don’t ship to the country I live in.) I have until October 21 to return it, so the rush is not major, but I need to figure out if this is going to work.

I’m using older Chromebook running Gallium and a Compaq with Zorin. Tried different computers and different cables, same result. Using new, high quality Type A to Type C cable. Only computer I have with Type C ports won’t run the installer.

All preparatory steps on the phone have been completed: developer mode initiated, USB file transfer turned on, no accounts on phone.

When I click through from the set up windows to Device detection window, it just sits there without giving me the option to continue. Continue button stays grayed out and inactive. No log file has been created. There is no /common/ under ~/snap/easy-installer/ and I can’t locate a log file elsewhere.

Known issue? Any ideas? Next step? Thanks for your attention…

I tried all, linux mint windows could not make it work. Had the same problems. installed ubuntu 22.04 on another computer and installed the easy installer from its app store. It worked easy and perfect. By the way I bought the pixel 4 for the same reason and I like e so far