Submitting bugs for Lineage OS system


How could I submit bugs related to Lineage OS when I have eOS installed and I’m not able to reinstall system and check if the issue exists in the original LOS version?
I read a procedure for submitting a bug on Lineage OS Wiki and they don’t allow to report a bug when the ROM hasn’t been downloaded from their page. What seems pretty obvious to me.

Lineage OS bug report

I’m aware that reporting to the source which is LOS support will speed up many issues for further eOS release. However, I wouldn’t dare to report to LOS support directly when I have eOS installed, cause it might overload the team and slow down overall process of solving the issues.

Anyway, would anyone clear the process to me?


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For issues on LOS you will have to report them on the LOS site. If you are running /e/OS and are aware that the issue has been reported on LOS, mention this in the issue you raise on the /e/ Gitlab .


Thanks Manoj for your response. The only thing is | don’t get how do I know if the issue is caused by “your” (eFoundation) intervention into the code of LOS and when it is an issue of the source code of Lineage team?

The only way to find this out is by flashing a LOS ROM and testing if these issues are there. If the phone works perfect on LOS but when running /e/ those same features have issues…that is an indicator the issue could be because of /e/ code.

Okay I got it. Nevertheless, as I already mentioned I can only report bugs on eOS or LOS. I don’t have so much time to reinstall systems to check it. This is the only way I can support your team, though.