Suddenly screen luminosity goes down and back button deactivated

Hello folk,
today I wanted to give a package to send.
I had the qr-code in the mail app, and I made it bigger to let it scan easier.
As I presented this, the women by scanning flew over the screen and the shadow, on it covered the luminosity sensor.
And directly the luminosity were down on minimum.
Impossible at the first seconds to make it high through the menu.
The luminosity bar has disappeared.
After lock and unlock and some other manipulations, I could make it high again.
The android back button is then deactivated. No way to have the back process…

It’s for me the second time that it’s happened.
Have no reproducibility, make post open here, and fill later if I have some news.

Nice would be the experience of others with this bug or similar.

eos 1.12.3 S samsung galaxy s10+

PS: other thing that i’m not sure if it’s a bug or a feature. sometimes I could change the luminosity by
sliding the finger on the top of the screen. And is really sensible by small slides.
Sometimes the screen goes of too fast as defined
I think would be nice that the luminosity by sliding up/down, and lock would be rereviewed

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