Suggest updating / revising installation instruction

Hello, I’m sorry if I’m posting this at wrong place.
Just suggesting updating or revising instruction manual a bit.

This is about contents written at:

“Temporarily Booting a custom recovery using”

  1. Flash a recovery image onto your device

fastboot flash boot recoveryfilename.img

Replace the recoveryfilename with the name of the recovery image you downloaded in the "previous section"

The problem is when I look at “previous section” I cannot find a place to download the recovery image other than some sort of dev images or am I being too dumb?
It would be nice if you just put the link of the folder rather than referring to “previous section”

Thank you!

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Downloads for the alioth

/e/OS Recovery for dev build (emphasis by me)

Then from /e/OS Recovery for dev build, example line … [MD5 | SHA256] / recovery-e-1.11-s-20230511288805-dev-alioth.img (emphasis by me)

The “dev” part is just the build type (aka release channel) …


Yes, the naming was very confusing that I was afraid of getting a wrong one.
Thank you for clarifying about this matter.