Suggestion: Need for Alternative online Services and Open Services Software for the whole Industry

We are stuck in an industry of weak inappropriately spyware ridden online and on device services. Various services make money from mining the users’ data and actions, against privacy and treason laws, and in order to sell and use that information in a way that compromises the users they allege to serve as customers which is another law violation of hidden commissions.

We need to look to organising alternative open services software under the following license conditions to support development, prevent lockout, promote accelerated professional development of paid products and quality, and offer comprehensive privacy, performance and quality to do anything complex or simple the user needs to efficiently and easily through a multiple level interface (GUI, GUI wizards and AI in future, and other interfaces) where anything can be done easily enough on any interface level (note: you can’t necessarily make everything real simple on each interface, but as simple as is reasonable).

  • The software fits the above description.

  • It is open for different groups to use the software independently, to offer independent services, and to sell the software independently to others for this purposes.

  • An open modular structure is to be included in the open source as part of the license, where companies can include priority closed sourced modules. However, as part of the license, they agree to support the user file and data standards, of the open software as standard and at least parallel priority to whatever they do. They, and their licensors, further agree to allow license automatically to produce work a like GUI and other workflow, in order for others to offer similar open source services to their custom additions.

This list is a incomplete (have something come up) and due to be added to, refined and changed as makes sense. I wish to go past the use of custom modules in code customisation.

  • All other changes go into the open source pool.

  • As many branches and sub branches as necessary, to make competing control structures, however their license conditions are to remain common for them all, and changes are commonly available for all, unless prevented by appropriate legal jurisdiction for the protection of our actual society and human members from unreasonable harm.

This is partly related to a previous post in an inappropriate burried place. This post itself is not device related, but services business related: