Sum of % power used by each app does not equal total % remaining battery power

Hi all,
I am not sure this is a bug but I noticed that in Settings->Battery in my refurbished Samsung S7 edge the sum of % used by each app does not match the total % used. I expect that the % used power equals the sum of % power used by each app, for example in the attached screenshot remaining power is 54% so 46% was used so far and the sum of % in the individual apps should equal 46%, but instead this is 31%. What used the remaining 15%?
Are you experiencing similar issues?

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Same problem for me !

Perhaps, is it accounted in thousands of system processes, too small to note down?

I think that the smartphone unlikely will run thousands of unnamed processes and in any case they can be incorporated in items such as “Android operating system”, “Idle”, “Inactive” (not sure about the correct item translation in English) and the sum should match.