Support for SM-J510FN

It would be great to support Samsungs J510FN
It is a nice phone with dual SIM support, good enough for most things in my daily life but I need to get rid of Google.
I would like to try installing /e/ on it, but have little experience doing it. I had a Note3 once with some custom ROM and currently installed F-Droid for FOSS Apps, but still sometimes by pressing a button, google voice comes up and listens to me!!!
Please help.

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I also would like to install /e/ OS on a Samsung SM-J510FN (Galaxy J5 LTE 2016).
I saw that the SM-J500FN was supported.

Is there a difference between SM-J500FN and SM-J510FN ?

Else, what is the best way to install a ROM with microG like /e/ ?

I have installed an unofficial LineageOS 15.1. But it does not have microG and the battery has lot many of its autonomy :confused:

Thank you,

Yes there is a difference so don’t try to install the wrong firmware.

I don’t know if a ROM with MicroG is available for your device but maybe you can find on the Web HowTo install MicroG in LineageOS.

Is there a difference between SM-J500FN and SM-J510FN ?

Yes, please see also /e/ OS Information SM-J500FN (2015) ~ GSMArena com Full phone specifications ~ Full phone specifications Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) J510FN.

I have the same smartphone.(SM-J510FN).
I would like to install /e/ on it, but I don’t have any experience yet… let’s start;)

Hello @k7tv, Samsung’s Galaxy J5 (2016) SM-J510FN is not supported by /e/ OS.

However, some UNOFFICAL builds (LOS 15.1 and LOS 16.0) can be found on the WWW under the code name “j5xnlte”. Other code names can be: j5xnltexx | j5xnltejv | j5xnltedx. Please be aware of the possible risks with flashing!

LOS 16.0 Builds for Galaxy J5 2016 SM-J510FN “j5xnlte” from the developer “Exodusnick” I can recommend from my own experience until a /e/ OS ROM is created.

Supports OTA updates whether it’s still a UNOFFICIAL ROM. I recommend a clean installation to exclude errors.

I’ve got Ubuntu 18.4 in a dual boot system (windows/linux)

Also interested in a build for the SM-J510FN

Would be very nice …