Support more non 100% Chinese Brands

e/OS/ is all about freedom and privacy. As you know freedom and privacy is not the default in China. This community should unite efforts in building more images for non Chinese brands. Europe for instance is the place in the world where most of liberties are guaranteed. Countries like Switzerland, Finland and Norway have great privacy laws that really protect citizens against big corporations. I think that brands like Nokia deserve more attention from this community. Their phones are a good value for money and buying non Chinese devices we’re not supporting a repressing regime. As Chinese phones are becoming really good and amazing value for money we all need to act if we don’t want a world rules by non privacy and non freedom regimes/countries.

Remember, every time you buy a 100% Chinese brand you’re supporting a word that may become a nightmare for your children for the next decades.

Support non Chinese brands such as Asus, Samsung, Sony, Nokia… etc.

Fábio (from Portugal)

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Please define non-Chinese hardware. (Edit: referring to the topic title before it was changed.)
Following which definition do non-Chinese vendors not rely on Chinese hardware?

Brands not owned by Chinese only capital.

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Does this not include the choice of the brand, with full knowledge of the facts?

Would you support and buy German brands during nazi times under hitler legacy ? Think about that. If you would support you’re a j#rk!

Supporting freedom does not include supporting countries where freedom is not a human right.
Do you know that there are 1 million Uighurs in concentration camps in Xinjiang?

Start reading about what’s going on in the world before you reply.


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Political tracking and commercial tracking have just the same goals. Develop and use the same tools.

Unfortunately, everywhere in the workd, nowadays, “I’m not a free man, I’m a number.”

Related to my datas’ analysis…

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The sad truth is that the chinese brands are the only ones left that care for enthusiasts like us, with just a few exceptions.

Some manufacturers locked their devices from the beginning. Samsung allows unlocking on some devices still, but becomes more anti-consumer with every new phone generation. The Fold 3 for example allows installation of custom ROMs, but the consequence is that every single camera will be inaccessible.

Nokia never lived up to the promise to unlock the phones. If they did, it’d be a no-brainer. Like Android rised thanks to enthusiasts, they could’ve too - but they failed to deliver and are now stuck in the niche they chose for themself.

If you’re looking for non-chinese brands there’s for example Gigaset (Germany), FairPhone (Netherlands) and Teracube (USA). Those are brands that respect their consumers and let them really own the device. In the consequence, all have at least one /e/ supported device, two even stable builds and easy installer support.

To have a device supported it first needs support of a recovery variant and the community lacks on this front at the moment sadly.


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Sony is a good choice, too.




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