Switching to Android Q

I read the steps for switching on Android Q.

It might be a bit more dangerous, but cant i just flash over the newest zip and Wipe Cache/Dalvik?
That always worked for me in the past…

First and mandatory, take a full TWRP backup of your running phone, and copy your files to a computer (using USB).
There is a how-to thread about that.

Then, if you have a working recovery (TWRP for example), you can give it a try …
If it goes wrong, you’ll have 2 choices :

  • restore TWRP backup with previous system and all your apps
  • format Data (and clear caches again)

Note : some devices include specific steps :wink:

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I cant even start flashing :confused:
It says Firmware 10.0.1 or higher required.
The device-specific Upgrade guide doesnt even mention this. (Device=dumpling)

Ewww, seems like i have to flash stock rom first :confused:

Didn’t find any firmware upgrade package on XDA, either.
Sorry, I don’t know anything about OnePlus devices :frowning:

I now quickly flashed stock Rom, and then reinstalled twrp and then Flashed eOS again.
Worked fine, but i had to wipe data which i wanted to avoid firstly.

Ofc i saved my important files before :slight_smile:

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Nice :+1:

Unfortunately, data loss is common when upgrading to a major Android version …

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For me it cant be lost that much, important files are in my nextcloud so i only backup my Pictures tbh xD

Its just annoying to setup everything again :slight_smile:

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Did you know that you can configure the device to back up pictures to either your /e/ cloud account or - using the NextCloud sync app - to any other NectCloud instance?

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Ah yeah i have that Setup, but only for Cam Folder.
So if someone sends me a picture on Signal e.g. i backup it manually cause i dont want every dumb meme pic in my backup xD