Sync /e/ saved un ecloud for my new phone

I just received my FP3 back from /e/ support. The team wipe the phone to stock version.
Is there a way to re sync with m’y data with ?

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You have to reconfogure it with profile manager and your /e/ account

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thank you @kisman172 for your help.
Sorry for my ignorence but what is the “profil manager” ?

I’m on german language. So I try to explain as I think it is correct in english setup.

Go to Settings/Profiles
There you can add an /e/ Account.
Did it, you can setup your sync settings, like email, calender, tasks, etc…

At the moment your phone is not bound to your /e/ account. Thats all.

Thank you kisman172 I already do thaht but it seems only the contact and calendard are sync.

In profile clicking on the rotating double arrow, what is visible and what is switched on/off?

Hi kisman172,

Yes everything is switched ON in the account manager. When I go to : Setting / Accounts / / Account sync Everything is set to sync ON.

yesterday when I start to configure my phone from factory I entered my only /e/ account and It seems the phone create a new folder Fairphone_FP3_unknown when I already have data folder named Fairphone_FP3_A209LBRV0202 of my phone on last sync 23 July (when I got a problem and send my phone to support)

Did I miss something in the configuration to sync with existing folder ?

OK, seems that it was not completely factory resettet.
Maybe it would a good idea to reset ist again manually.
via settings or better via TWRP recovery

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Hello @Manoj hope you are ok. Maybe this topic can help for sync improvment ?

Hi @Sebu today we updated the existing eCloud configuration and systems. Pl can you recheck it the issue is still persistent on a new account.

Yes @manoj let me try next week to factory reset my phone and try to connect my phone with the new infrastructure to see if it works

Thanks …let me know what happens…It will be a good way to test the updates.

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I’ve tested the “new” ecloud now. For me, I’ve recognized no issues.

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Hello @Manoj I have reset factory my fairphone3 here is the steps :

  1. My phone restart
  2. I enter my pin code
  3. Display Language setting & detect Français (France)
  4. I change for English (XC)
  5. I clic NEXT >
  6. Display Date & Time and correct informations
  7. I clic NEXT >
  8. Display Wi-Fi with different theme (defaut) instead of using the actual setting theme
  9. I choose my personal nextwork
  10. I clic Next
  11. Display Choose a SIM for data
  12. Choose automaticaly the only SIM available
  13. I clic NEXT >
  14. Display Turn on celllular data
  15. I select the network
  16. I clic NEXT >
  17. Display Location services with Allow apps that have asked permission... selected by default
  18. I clic NEXT >
  19. Display Fingerprint setup
  21. Display Set screen lock with different theme (defaut) instead of using the actual setting theme
  22. I don’t add PIN
  23. I clic Screen lock options
  24. I clic Pattern
  25. Display Pattern
  26. Crash & extit settings
  27. I reboot the phone (without factory reset)
  28. Restart the process until Display Set screen lock
  29. I don’t add PIN
  30. I clic Screen lock options
  31. I clic Pattern
  32. Display Pattern
  33. Crash & display Set screen lock
  34. I enter 4 digits PIN
  35. I clic NEXT
  36. Display Re-enter your PIN
  37. I enter the same 4 digits PIN
  38. I clic CONFIRM
  39. Display again Fingerprint setup :thinking:
  40. I clic SKIP > :thinking:
  41. Display /e/ account
  42. I clic SET UP
  43. Display Add account with different theme (defaut) instead of using the actual setting theme with two options Login with an /e/ account or Use a specific server
  44. I enter my
  45. I enter my password
  46. I clic LOGIN
  47. Display quickly an input with my :thinking:
  48. Display the same /e/ logo with NEXT > button from the beginning of the process :thinking: Do I need to restart the setting process ?
  49. I clic NEXT >
  50. Display the launcher but no previous app or setting installed or in sync

:disappointed face:

Only backups, Apps vor settings can be recovered if there are present in ecloud
Login to ecloud with PC and Check if there are still present which can used for recovering

Thanks @kisman172 is the backups automatic or the user need to do some tricks to activate it ?

Cause I can see the phone folder in the but no automated sync from it to my phone

Is it activated in account manager sync settings in phone?

yes by default everything is synchronised