Sync Notes relative to email accounts

My Notes are hosted on my email accounts ( and Ovh).
I use my notes on my macbook, trough the “Notes” native desktop app (I would like to continue using this app).

To configure this “Note” app, I usually only have to fill a new email account into its parameter, and at the end, to tick to sync “Notes” (even if I don’t tick “mail”, it works fine).
When I have to configure it on a smartphone, its quite same : I usually find my notes quickly available after to configure my emails in the email app.

On e/OS/, I don’t find my notes after to configure my email accounts. The e/OS notes app don’t see them.

The problem is : if I copy/past all my notes into the web interfaces of frama / nextcloud/ /e/OS or any account like this; then I cannot use anymore the native “Notes” app on my desktop.

Do you have a solution to make /e/OS see the notes relatives to an email adress ? Or the only solution is to move everything to a new desktop app ? If yes, which simple app do you recommand ?

Thanks a lot

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I add this information : my macbook native Note app is accepting to registrer my e.mail account as a “Note” account.

But then, when I connect to the web interface of my e.mail account, the notes I created are stored in a kind of email folder (=there are not available on the “Note” tab). So still not availables on my fairphone…

your native note app on macbook and smartphone is doing it via smtp
/e/ and nextcloud via webdav

first you have to understand how it is handled, what protocals are used and the technics and concepts behind these two different approaches.