Synching /e/ with local Outlook

Hi everyone.

I’m investigating the possibility to use /e/ on my main phone, while being able to sync contacts and calendar with Outlook locally.

I’m a Windows user. For many things professional and personal, MS Outlook is a central tool for me. But I have to emphasize that I use Outlook in a non-Exchange way:

  1. emails retrieved through IMAP and sent though SMTP
  2. contacts stored locally in a PST file
  3. appointments stored locally in the same PST file.

Until now, I’ve been syncing 2 and 3 thanks to a great app called VCOrganizer Pro (VCO). VCOrganizer nicely filled a niche in the Android ecosystem for people like me. I gladly bought it a long time ago and it’s been working pretty nicely for me along the years.

I tried installing it through Aurora Store (with my own credentials on the Play Store), but even if VCO accepted to install, there were 2 problems:

  1. VCO thought i had not bought it so I couldn’t launch a sync
  2. VCO does not seem to recognize /e/'s calendar, so a VCO sync will probably not work for my appointments. However, this problem is minor, since VCO provides its own calendar app.

So, I’m open to suggestions to either make VCO work both for the calendar and the contacts, or for another way altogether to make syncing between Outlook and /e/ possible (hopefully it is).



For 1. : Pro edition is linked to a Gmail account, as stated on their web you should buy the Pro+ edition, sorry :frowning:
For 2. : did you try to include your /e/ calendar in Outlook, using ICAL sharing ?

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Don’t be, it’s not your fault; and actually that’s an interesting idea. I might contact Vecal to move have a discount since I bought Pro.

Nope. Actually I should, but I have bad remembrances of whenever I tried ICAL with Outlook.

Thanks for your input.