Synching murena calendar with PC doesn't work

Hi, I’m having trouble syncing my murena calendar with my Linux mint laptop.

Mint obviously asks for the server address. Using the calDAV subscription link ( doesn’t work, though.

Apparently you’re supposed to use the subscription link of a specific calendar (****************?export) instead.

Mint accepts this and claims it’s now synchronised, but it isn’t.

What am I doing wrong?

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Did you try to use link from “Copy link”?

It should be something like****@****/contacts/
Working for me with Thunderbird and CardBook extension.

That one doesn’t work either. It says something like ‘legitimation failed’.

Using ‘’ is accepted (mint now claims to be able to access calendar, contacts and cloud storage), but nothing is actually synchronised after that.

Using the aforementioned ‘****************?export’ also is accepted, but then doesn’t work either. But even though the kalendar doesn’t sync, I can now access a bunch of .ics files as if they were my cloud storage.

I hope that was understandable lol

Nextcloud is providing a detailed documentation:
App-password/token can be generated at bottom of:

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