Systemize and updating the OS on a rooted FP3

I have disabled many of the system apps and replaced them with ones I feel are better. I have also used the App Systemizer module from Magisk to turn them into system apps. I was told by someone in a private email that if I update the OS as documented here: then they will be deleted. They don’t have to be system apps and I can unsytematize thembut I like things to be aesthetically pleasing and I stops minus signs appearing next to them when if I move apps links around on the screen and I can’t accidentally delete them. Does anyone know if what I was told is true?

I will test it out next time I update the OS. But there might be an issue here.

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The risk to click on the minus sign when moving an app is low, and the risk of confirming the deletion by mistake is even lower.

If you want to keep root and still update, it would be better not to modify system apps. We never know what the behavior will be : will your own system app be deleted ? Will the deleted system apps be back ?

I agree the risks are low and, of course you are right, but am obsessive about the way things look and work.

Hi there,
I am wondering if it’s about time I updated my e OS. But I should ask: what does “rooted” mean?
I am using apps I installed instead of the default ones for Calendar, Photos, and maybe Contacts, and maybe others, so now I’m wondering if this will present a problem when updating. I haven’t done anything to “turn them into system apps” (as far as I can recall).

(I installed the e OS myself on my Fairphone 3 and am still using the same version I started with, 0.11. I hesitate to update because I don’t know how to back up the phone. I am now looking at the forums posts to see if I can figure it out, but it’s all very confusing.)

PS: maybe I should add that my phone has Android 9