Telegram - Is it really reliable?

i agree this is really great!

@facb69, I thought maybe this could be interesting to you. There a white hat hacker congress on privacy and IT security currently taking place in Germany. One of the talks was focusing on messengers: What’s left for private messaging?

Has anyone used or know anymore about Kontalk? Based on XMPP and “Encrypted everywhere”

Also there is Cyphr by golden frog (swiss company)

Edit: When looking in their app, it seems there is many google trackers which is a shame :frowning:


Thanks for sharing.
I’ll sure watch this video.

After reading @blackpoint 's comment, I read this:

Who can we trust these days??? :roll_eyes:

I’m used to never trust anyone or any company without trying to check e re-check the facts surrounding… :grin:
And I can’t explain but I never got used to Telegram even without knowing this facts you pointed out.
Maybe we all should get back to dumb phones :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
Life was easier back in the days.

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Damn…this is an absurd!

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The SEC official website also states the claim.


That is something I wasn’t aware of at all, definitely no way out of these greedy and shady business all around… when something is too good to be true is often because it is.

I agree with you that Telegram could be improved. Mainly because it does not use recognized and audited crypto protocols but a ‘home grown’ closed source.
old but still useful
Best secure chat, voice, video apps are Signal and Wire.

The fact that Russia blocked Telegram is positive for me, not negative!!! Does not being blocked by anyone, let alone a communist country, show a high level of trustworthiness?
Personally, I love the philosophy of Telegram!

Although I agree with your general point, I think you should know that Russia hasn’t been communist for about 30 years.


Ok, you’re right… Externally, but still heavily socialist, one step from communism.
Thanks for the point, though :wink:

except… it’s also important who runs an initiative, the organization behind it, i mean. That for me is the only thing that Signal does better than Telegram: it’s run by a nonprofit foundation. Telegram isn’t

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I know this is yet another messenger to throw in the mix but I recently found out about this one:

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F-Droid Version 5.15.0 (18699) a pure-floss fork

Some proprietary parts have been removed from Telegram’s original client, including the Google Play Services for location tracking and the HockeySDK for automatic updates and push notifications via Google Cloud Messaging. The location sharing feature is restored via OpenStreetMap.

Unwanted feature: Not free network because the servers run proprietary software.

The official source code of the app contains binary blobs, so this app follows a fork that creates them from source. Thus, there may be some delays until new versions are released.

Translated with (free version)

Are you north american? Because you appear to have the same understanding of politics and economical systems as the average north american, with all due respect. Russia has absolutely nothing to do with socialism, that’s totally wrong. Its economical system is in line with liberal capitalism since the dawn of USSR, when massive privatization campaigns took place. It is still the case with putin since he’s politcally on the far right being quite liberal economically with strong notes of corporatism (to be fair with liberalists) and conservative in social matters.
Also USSR has never been communist, their leaders pretending to be so was nothing more than their propaganda to keep their people under control, don’t fall for it yourself since you have full access to their political actions. Of course, it was and is also especially convenient for our “western democracies” to play along their propaganda game since it gave and keep giving themselves an easy way to discredit capitalism’s criticisms using invalid and insidious parallels with totalitarian regimes. Indeed USSR was a totalitarian regime with a state capitalist economy maintaining social classes and inequalities. So, actually nothing to do with communism (which was never achieved anywhere by the way).
I strongly advise you to learn the meaning of socialism and communism as well as inform yourself about the actual political systems taking place before commenting such matters.
My intention is not to offend you, sorry if I do so but this kind of topics is not to be taken lightly and intellectual rigor and honesty are capital in order to avoid the debate level’s lowering so convenient for our elites, thank you.


Indeed, this is the truth most people never see!

But, with all due respect, this topic was about technical issues and corporates policies not politics :wink:


OMG :roll_eyes: :scream: :scream: :scream:
Well wherever i’m from, I was educated there… And yes I see we’re gonna disagree… Anyway I think we both agree on what’s important here, right?

My only point was that large–population countries like Russia and Iran blocked access. If they don’t want something, that’s the thing I want! :wink: