Telegram support channel is unused

on the page get support the link to telegram links to a redundant telegram channel which you might want to update or remove.

Thanks and keep up the good work !

Hi @Alx thanks for pointing this out.

I have just tried, the link works for me

By all means use the links! They work fine. The problem is that the telegram channel at the end is unused.

You can try using the web link for now as a work around.

Oh, sure, you are right. But it shows all actual infos (users / active users) :thinking:

Hi Manoj

I suppose I mean that the following section should be removed from the page altogether as it is a waste of time. Leaving it in wastes people’s time and makes the site seem unmaintained.

Best wishes


<Section to remove ----------->
Prefer messaging? Developers and expert users are also available to offer technical support by chat via a dedicated Telegram channel.

</Section to remove ----------->

…from the page get support