Teracube 2E, Upgrade failed, screen black w/2 line message

Was installing e/ foundation operating system on my new Teracube 2E thru my linux(Manjaro) computer. Everything was going fine, download to phone was proceeding up progress bar, then failed abruptly after I was asked to consent by pressing, “Up Volume”. A few seconds after pressing up volume, “Failed” occured. Now my screen is black with 2 line message,
“USB-Transfering ok Time:0 s vel:44 MB/s”

I don’t know what to do…

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Update: After waiting and watching for about an hour I elected to disconnect battery and then re-install it. After re-installing batt I get this, “Teracube - Powered by Android” screen comes up with some sort of small message mid screen, that reads:

“Orange State”
“Your Device has been unlocked and can’t be trusted”
“Your device will boot in 5s”

Well for the last 10 minutes thats all its done is go black, then returns to Teracube screen with same message above… So much for easy install.

Hi @TabooTrader welcome to the /e/ forum. I am sorry to hear this story. Have you run into this issue? [Important Read before flashing] Difference between the new 2022 batch VS 2021 batch of Teracube 2e - #20 by mmoretz - Teracube 2e - Teracube Community

  1. A seemingly irrelevant link.
  2. That message is normal on unlocked devices.

Oh, and welcome. :person_raising_hand:

…So how do you recommend I proceed? It no longer responds to any inputs, it just cycles from black screen to message screen and back to black. Over and over.

If your phone is the 2022 model, I guess you could ask that question at Teracube. As I understand it, there was no fix or workaround mentioned in that article quoted above. I guess they will be working on it or may have a fix by now.

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I am in the same boat. Stuck in a boot loop.

Checking the Teracube forums I see the only available custom ROM is LineageOS 18.1.

For a moment earlier I got confused when the T2e was available again at the eStore. Assumed it was the 2022 model and that a build was available to flash. Then I noticed they were Android 10/Q. The 2022 has Android 11.

The phone still sits in the box waiting for /e/ or at least LOS for microG.

I was able to escape the boot loop following these instructions here: [Advanced] Installing factory Android image w/ SP Flash - Guides - Teracube Community

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