Terraria on Fairphone?

Hello. (I writting from smartphone browser)

Is it possible to play Terraria on Fairphone 3? I thinking buying Fairphone 3+ from /e/ shop of many reasons.

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According to the Aurora repository, it’s GSF independent, so presumably it runs, but I am not going to pay £4.95 to find out.

Okay i going try it later in this year.

It shows up as disabled in Aurora, since there is no way of paying for apps there.

Aww thats petty :frowning:

You’ll likely have to purchase it on the computer, from there you’ll be able to download via aurora


"How do I purchase paid apps?
Purchase the apps from the PlayStore website, and login using your own account in Aurora Store to download them."

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Thank you Athar_birb

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Sorry to resurrect this thread, shall do just incase someone asks for this in the future. I’ve recently installed Terraria from Aurora Store and it plays just grand, even multiplayer with another (Android) phone.

I had purchased it via the Play Store and logged in to Aurora Store using my Google account. It downloaded just fine =)

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