The attempt of a FOSS, tracker-free and deGoogled smartphone ... still working on it

My constantly optimizing setup:

FOSS over F-Droid:
Store: F-Droid
Security app: Blokada
Podcast: AntennaPod
Password Store: Bitwarden
2FA: Aegis
Corona: CovPass
Sync: DAVx5
News Reader: Feeder
Browser: Fennec
Gallery: Simple Gallery
File Manager: GhostCommander
Calendar: Simple Calendar
Weather: Small Weather App
Contacts: Simple Contacts
Chat: Molly
Mail: monocles Mail
Cloud: nextcloud
Camera: Open Camera
Keyboard: OpenBoard
Navi: OsmAnd+
PDF: PDF VIewer +
QR Scanner: QR Scanner
SMS: Simple SMS
Phone: Simple Dialer
Mastodon: Tusky

Non FOSS: As apk files
Navi: Magic Earth
Music: Spotify
Music: Teufel
Chat: Whatsapp (in shelter sandboxed)

Spotify, Teufel and WhatsApp are mercilessly restricted via Blokada.
I can’t quite get away with Whtsapp. Because of associations, etc…
And for Teufel and Spotify there is unfortunately no alternative.

Captive Portal Check via efoundation and Kuketz.
DNS via secure DSN servers currently: Digitale Gesellschaft, Switzerland
NTP via

Minimal trackers and ads. Further advantage: Long ScreenOnTime


@kisman172, have you used or looked into Rethink Firewall+DNS?
If you have, what are your thoughts about it?

Deezer instead of Spotify ?

No sorry. I didn’t
are there any advantages over blokada or is it just another app? Is root necessary for it?

Deezer, Apple Music, amazon Music, spotify… it’s all the same, isn’t it? Are all evil :wink:
Disadvantage of Deezer is also that my Teufel system has implemented, for example, only one Spotify Connect. Deezer does not work with it.

Had I known all this in the past, I would not have bought the system. But now it is there and too expensive to dispose of. Thus, I have to live with it unfortunately…

Thanks for the advice. I’m still on NetGuard but this one looks interesting.

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I have used and tested NetGuard for a while.
It has its advantages if you focus on firewalling.
You can configure individual apps much more granularly.

But, my focus is more on blocking trackers and filtering ads. And for that Blokada is more ideal.
Blokada is also a bit more configurable than TrackerControl. as an example: In TC you can not set additional blocklists. Also the DNS handling is more limited.
Therefore Blokada has become my first choice.

But you have to make sure that you use the version from the f-droid store, or the apk directly.
In the Google Store, because of the Google business model, only a light version is distributed, which you can forget.
In addition, Blokada also runs on IOS. I still have an Ipad, so it fits great.

aha, I just see in Rethink that you can not choose the DNS, but is limited to Rethink’s own DNS servers.
Question still remains: According to which filter lists do they go? Fixed or adjustable?

for me again more a firewall instead of tracker and ads blocker

ah okay I understand better now.
You are right, all these services are rotten.
Maybe try to contact Blokada, maybe they can help you.
Ps: I didn’t know Teufel

Newpipe instead of spotify? : on settings, enable playing while phone is blocked or when using other apps, so you can listen to music in the background

Teufel, aka Raumfeld is a german manufactorer (Berlin) like Sonos.

Newpipe so to speak Youtube is not an alternative for me.

Although, don’t forget NewPipe also does Bandcamp and SoundCloud. It’s not just a YouTube frontend. But yeah, it still doesn’t operate the same way as Spotify.

BlackHole looks promising, though. Blade will play from Spotify, also. If you haven’t seen those and others, make sure to add the IzzyOnDroid repo to F-Droid.

Right. It looks like the filter lists are only in use when only Rethinks’ DNS is chosen. However it is possible to change DNS to other providers.

Honestly, I haven’t used this app extensively. I need to take a closer look at it, time permitting.

For the time being I set my preferred DNS in the Settings > Network and Internet > DNS.
I use Netguard as firewall.
And then I use a custom /system/etc/hosts for blocking ad/tracker/malware servers at system level.

I am still looking into ways of improving on this.

Problem still exist, beacause i depend on the spotify connect, otherwise i can’t stream on the Teufel Box

Oh, that’s right. I saw that. Oops. :grimacing: