The /e/OS Installer arrives!

Flatpack may not be available right now. The plan is to open up the source for all users . That way developers from the community can help with further enhancements.

Source is in Gitlab! Works very easy :grinning: Leeco is not supported :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Nice work /e/ team!

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There is a lot of scope for enhancement in the code. Users with development experience can step in and add more or at the least their own devices and increase the coverage.


oh wow, I was under the assumption it was a CLI tool but from the screenshots it seems to be a GUI.

Indeed, cool looking GUI. I’m fiddling around with it, trying to get my Leeco working.

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hi Manoj, is there an update on this? Which devices are currently supported?

The documentation is being prepared for the installer. It should be released either today EOD or tomorrow latest. In the version coming out it supports these Samsung devices.

Samsung Galaxy S7 – Exynos only
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Exynos only
Samsung Galaxy S9 – Exynos only
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – Exynos only


Great stuff, thanks for your dedication and everyone’s who works on /e/.
Is it possible to use this installer to install /e/ on a S9 updated to android 9 or 10, since the /e/ version for the S9 is still android 8 or would that be problematic? I’d like to have a clear answer about that.

Not sure all such combinations have been tested.
The installer should be released in a day or two. We have a display size related bug which we are fixing - the UI image needs to adjust to the latest high resolution screens. It works perfectly on slightly older screens. Like my screen resolution is 1600 x 900 (16:9) and it works perfectly. Need to fix issues for 1920x1080 screens.
Once released users can test out various combinations and report what works and what does not. Since it will be a community project developers from the community can also make patches and improvements.

Thank you for your answer but I really wish someone could tell me for sure if it’s possible to install /e/ S9 version (android 8) on an up to date S9 (android 10) since the aim of the easy installer is for people to be able to do it themselves with already used smartphones that most probably will be up to date.

Which version stockROM Android 10 do you have on your S9 SM-G960F “starlte”? I need a clear indication of the PDA :

G960FXXU8DTC5 [Security patch 04.2020]
G960FXXS7DTB5 [Security patch 03.2020]
G960FXXS7DTAD [Security patch 02.2020]
G960FXXU7DTAA [Security patch 01.2020]

More Info → Galaxy S9 support

Thanks a lot for your help but I haven’t bought it yet. I’m looking to buy a second hand S9 to try /e/ but I’ll have to wait more if it’s problematic to install /e/ on an up to date S9.

/e/ is not problematic to install if the prerequisites are right. The longer you wait with the purchase of an S9, the greater the chance that you will be offered an S9 with the latest version of stockROM Android 10. Then a downgrade to StockROM Android 9 is no longer possible - because Samsung wants it that way.

Of course the real problem here is samsung’s policies but this is the reality which /e/ has to deal with. The prerequisites to install /e/ on a galaxy S9 are extremely difficult to meet nowadays since /e/'s current version for the S9 is still only android 8.
I won’t buy a S9 now (without knowing if it already has been updated to android 10) and wait months in order for /e/ to eventually make an upgrade to android 9 for the S9.

so buy one with android 9 pie or 8 oréo on it…

I’ve Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge “zeroltexx”, S7 and S7 Edge and wonder why S9 and S9+ but not S8 “dreamlte” (and S8+) isn’t in the potpourri of /e/asy installer.

Exactly, because no Wind°ows user will run the /e/OS Easy Installer in a Linux terminal under Windows, because the latest/beta version 0.8.3-beta 64-bit lacks the usual comfort of Wind°ows Apps and StockROM Android Apps.

And setting up a new Linux system is no fun for the inexperienced → Install /e/ OS Installer on your Linux distribution. The idea /E/asy Installer is great, but the current implementation will not lead to broad success (that’s what the look into my crystal ball tells me ;-/ ).

The first 11 images (animated) of the /e/ OS Installer latest/beta v0.8.3-beta amd64:

Abolutely correct - a function that should not be missing.

I submitted a device suggestion for US version Samsung Note 9 SM-N960U1 Snapdragon today, but I’m curious. Why is the Galaxy S9 and 9+ a compatible device for your OS and not the Note 9? It’s in my device suggestion post, but I found an article on XDA, actually right before I stumbled upon yall today, showing exploits in the Note 9 that makes this possible?

Sorry, I am pretty tech savvy but just not enough to completely grasp all of this to its fullest extent, so pls excuse if this is a silly question…lol

Thank you so much!


Hi @Dez,
The easiest way for us at /e/ to add a device to the supported list is if it already is there on the LineageOS list. Since /e/ is forked from Lineage the transformation to /e/ code for such LOS supported devices is easy.
Alos users put in requests for devices and the popular one eventually get on the list. We even ported some devices which were not there in LOS’ list just because there was a huge demand for them.
The idea behind the easy-installer was to remove this wait time. All that remains is for someone to modify the easy-installer code and add the note to it.

To be experimented with installations and setup of the famous Macrosoft Operating System, and its supported proprietary drivers and applications, I can affirm that is much more difficult and/or complicate for an inexperimented user than installing and setup a Linux distribution and its stores of alternatives and compatibles drivers and applications. (I don’t know any code or command line language)
Even on a bootable-usb-stick.
And It is also much simpler to discover computer usage by a fully beginner user ( for example a “child or granny” user ) with a Linux Graphic User Interface OS than with a Windobe OS

PS : I am agree with the “3/4 of PC users” argument for a windows installer for the easy/e/OS-installer, we need it !


@Manoj, thank you for your response and explanation. I see, and reviewed the link on LineageOS and phones on which it can be installed. Sadly enough I don’t see any info nor did your response contain this info: when wi the code be inserted into the installer yall built so that i may use the /e/ platform? Or what steps do I need to take to request that? Lastly, will there instructions on model specific boot loading steps needed to use the installer coming from out of the box, unlocked version I have (SM-N960U1)?

Again, much appreciation for your time and I’m really hoping to migrate soon!! :grin: