There is google parte in /e/

There is parte of google in thi OS?

Yes, you can’t remove all goolag code and apps in Android. It is needed. But the most important thing is, that no data is send to goolag and that’s what the e-dev’s have done.


OK, thanks form a the anweser


I looked on /e/ Nougat, Oreo and Pie and I don’t see such packages. Were you on LineageOS + GApps before installing /e/ ?

I have flashed lineage OS without Gapps

Maybe it was on LineageOS and you haven’t formatted data correctly before installing /e/.

If you have no data to keep, I suggest you to go into TWRP > Wipe > Format Data > yes, to make sure you start from scratch.

OK thanks for the help

i tried to do as you advised me but the google parts are still there

Then maybe it’s device specific, it comes with the vendor or I don’t know…

You could share your device model and somebody with the same device would tell you if those packages are also installed or not.

Is it normal to find those apps ?
Or they may come from @davide ´s /internal storage partition more than his /data partition ?
(Have you wiped both in TWRP ?)
(Have you wiped the /system partition before installing /e/ ?)

‘OKGoogle’ comes from Launcher with google search bar
the other one, don’t know

I have a xiaomi mi 8

Yes have wipe /system

I don’t see those elements on my phone…maybe you logged into your Google account using microg services?

I have not but entered my data to access google. now i try to reinstall / e / Os

Try to skip the “access your google account” step during first boot and see if those elements are still shown in Privacy Guard

I have do this but i still see

maybe if I disable micro g they disappear

disabling google services at startup should suffice

I have do this more time bit don’t work van you help me