Threema backup error due to missing interface

Hi guys,

I want to backup my Threema data, because I want to make an upgrade to Android 11 on my Fairphone 3.
When I start the backup process, the following error message appears:
“Your device is missing an activity for Intent.ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREE”

I contacted the Threema support and they said, that this is an problem with the operating system (missing interface) and I should contact you.

Is this a known issue?

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I’ve just tried it out (again) and backup is (still) working perfectly on an FP4 running /e/OS 1.4.
Unfortunately don’t have a FP3 at hand to try out but don’t know why it should be different in this case. Are you trying to create the backup on the internal memory? At which moment/step of the backup does it fail? Does it ask where to store it? Does it ask for the password?

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Thank you very much for your efforts!
I upgraded to 1.4 (dev) without Threema backup. Now, the backup function works perfectly…

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