Threema Push: Instant Notifications without Google Service

Hi all,

I received an interesting message within the Threema app yesterday. It is now possible for users to receive push notifications without Google Services. I thought it was nice to share with others as it might be for some, like me, an interesting alternative to instant messaging apps.

Hereafter the received message :

Threema Push is the new answer to the old question of how to use Threema for Android without Google’s proprietary push service. Even though the vast majority of users might not be too concerned with this question, Threema Push is a major breakthrough for users of de-googled Android variants such as /e/OS, and it allows anyone to steer clear of Google’s push service while maintaining Threema’s full functionality and usability.

Head over to our blog to learn more about Threema Push:


Right. I love Threema and never used another messenger. It would be nice if it could be added to the “Check App Availability” page, as only Threema Work is listed there.

That’s great for those who want to minimize the number of Google connections as much as possible!
Ironically, /e/ has been fully compatible to Threema even before this update thanks to the push implementation in microg. Hence, the blog post is not 100% correct. On the other hand, the more publicity for /e/OS, the better. :slight_smile:

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