Time to installation

Hi everyone,

I’m new on e/os, not really new again, because the installation isn’t finish. But I try to install e/os on my Fairphone 4 and I would like to know how many time when the installation is finish you have the E logo with the dot moving under it ? I’ve had this for almost an hour.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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About 2 minutes,
Have you done the wipe step ?
A factory reset could solve the problem (if you can reboot the phone into recovery mode)

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Hi Piero,

That’s it, it’s done, I put myself in Recovery mode, so E Recovery was visible, and with the command adb sideload, I reinstalled the latest version of e/os.

I was very afraid that I had shot the Fairphone. Coming from iOS, it’s all new to me haha.

Have a good day