Too many problems

I like very much /e/ but i have many problems.

  • No 4G just 3G or H+
  • the system said all the time : failure authentification
  • The system close alone many times per day
  • sometimes when i switch off the system, it switch on alone directly.
    I think that i return to my old system :frowning:

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Sorry to see that …
I am a beginner, and probably I will not be able to help … if you provide more details about your model / version, I am sure some experienced people here in the forum will support …
What I can tell you is that, even though I am not an expert, /e/OS has been stable and reliable, and I have been able use it as daily driver for more than 2 years … I do not know if it is a matter of hardware or software, therefore I would suggest trying to provide those details for some experts here to try to support


Thank you for you reply.
My Phone is Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S.

Do its 4G bands match the mobile provider’s bands?

(Expand the Network entry on the website above.)

And find your provider’s 4G bands here:

Then compare.

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With my old rom ( i haved the 4G LTE.

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First of all, i think that some more informations about the described issues and basic parameters are requiered. Most likely this should include:

  • Which version of /e/ is installed on your device?
  • Did you face those mentioned problems right from the start or did they occur suddenly, maybe after an update process or after an installation of a specific app?
  • If you installed /e/ yourself, did you face any problems regarding the installation/ update process?

The 3G/4G issue was answered by @Taurus - did you took a look at your carrier settings? If you have the possibility, maybe a check with another SIM could be helpful.

"the system said all the time : failure authentification"

Without more details of when those messages appear, i can only refer to similar forum postings:

Please check, if those informations relate to your problem.

"The system close alone many times per day"

What exactly does that mean? Unexpected shutdown/ reboot of your device or crashing system apps - or both?

I am using a 10T Pro Device and especially since the last update v0.22.x → v0.23.x i observe similar errors which means spontaneous device reboots and a few app crashes from time to time. But i have to keep in mind, that this is a beta version of /e/ and so this is not a big thing to me - overall everything works fine and it´s definitely worth for a daily usage.

Additionally, you can try to search on /e/ Gitlab forum, if those issues maybe are well known:

"sometimes when i switch off the system, it switch on alone directly."

This behaviour was posted here (with Samsung device) a few years ago - does this help you?


Thank you for your reply.
I have installed first v;0.21 then upgrade to 0.22 and now 0.23
On 0.21, App Lounge was working after the updates, not !
The others problems are here from the beginning.
I don’t haved any problems with installation or updates.
For the 4G, i have tested all the configurations. I have sending a post for this subject
I have tested another sim card with this phone and i have the 4G LTE with it.
I don’t understand why.
With the rom i don’t have this problem. I have 4G with my sim card.
“The system close alone many times per day”
The device shutdown and reboot himself .

Okay, so you are facing the major problems right from the start with v0.21.x. Have you tried the hints of the linked postings from my previous message?

AppLounge was launched with v0.23 afaik, so if you had problems with earlier versions of /e/ App Store, it seems that this doesn´t relate to AppLounge (which is faulty atm, but /e/-devs already should be aware of this). I would recommend you to post directly in Gitlab if this behaviour is unknown - or alternatively refer to the device page and “report a bug”: - this leads to git too.

4G: Have you tried to verify the settings of your phone like @jobal mentioned in your other thread? You didn´t answer him there.
If it works with another SIM (from a different carrier?) but not with your primary used card, i would advise you to check for carrier settings and maybe trying a web search for other users having problems with 4G and this specific carrier. Your /e/ OS and your hardware obviously are capable of serving LTE, so i guess it is possible that wrong settings could be causative for this issue.
The reason why it works with original rom but not with /e/ could also be default carrier settings or other settings which could be different on both OS versions. But i don´t know for sure.

As i said before, the spontaneous reboots are something that occurs too on my 10T Pro. Maybe /e/ needs more optimization on Xiaomi devices. I keep an eye on it and post on git too, if i figure something out.

At least, i hope you don´t give up using /e/ - it still has beta status (which too is described on ROM download page) and so there are plenty of possibilities to face a problem. With a little bit patience i guess it will get better and better and you still have the possibility to report issues and they will work on it.


Thanks a lot…
For the 4G i have tested all the configurations and nothing.
I have tested my sim card on another phone and the 4G worked on it.

mmh…okay, if you tried everything (additionally what i mentioned before) it seems pretty hard to identify this problem - or even getting nearer to the initial cause.

I guess you have to decide whether to getting deeper into problem analysis or change your primary SIM - or your OS.

I’ll try to write down every details for the APN from the “testing” device, then create a new APN on /e/ device with exact same settings.

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Thanks to consider this issue.
I believe the system is not yet ripe for my phone.
I need to have a working phone and not spend hours trying to get the system to work.
Having a phone that turns off and on when you’re driving and using GPS is very annoying.
Thank you

Did you do it ?
I still hesitate to go back to my old rom.
Thank you

Hi @zenric, as you have no reply, I propose that you may have misunderstood the conitional mood in the modal verb “will” as used by a French speaker.

I think that @smu44 is proposing you study yourself in detail the APNs in use in a) the “working” and b) “non-working” condition .

APN numbers are sometimes found to change by the carrier. The /e/ device has many APN’s preconfigured, but the carrier changes one small element and a certain service is dropped. In the first instance this is down to the carrier. (Speculating personally, maybe the carrier makes use of Google to keep Andoid devices up to date with these changes?)

I add this link [LIST] APN Values for Service Providers to demonstrate APN in detail – but historical information is not as good as real time information you could collect by comparing a “working device” with a “non-working device”.

Search results for 'APN order:latest' - /e/ community


Thanks for clarifying ! :smiley_cat:

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So: “I’d try to write down” ie. “I would try to write down” is what smu44 meant, @zenric, meaning “If I were you, I would try to write down.” :slight_smile:

In other words put your SIM in a working phone, write down the APN settings it automatically selects, then return your SIM to the /e/ phone, and see if the APN settings look the same or different. If different, edit to match the working phone’s APN.

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Sorry about the confusion :crying_cat_face:
I’m getting old : at startup my brain is more like a 2-stroke Diesel engine than a Lexus V10 :laughing:

Hopefully will the APN manual copy work !

Thanks a lot for your answers.
Unfortunately I went on a trip and I really needed a phone that works on 4G and does not turn itself off several times a day.
So I had to reinstall an old system from and as it takes a long time to reinstall all my applications I think I will stay on this system until /e/ becomes stable on my xiaomi Redmi Note 9S.
I will continue to follow /e/ because I really like this system, but I can’t afford to spend hours reinstalling everything.
Thank you very much to all :smiley:

Hi @zenric,
Your phone, your rules :slight_smile:
But, at least, you may consider flashing a mi-globe ROM, as they allow to skip some Xiaomi bloatware :wink:

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