Too much notification

since the v1.0 update I’ve many notifications to tell me my cloud is full… i don’t want it to synchronize with my phone and i don’t want to have a notification about the fullness every 30min (I only succeed to configure the timing of the notifications but 30min is too short)

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The question is: Does your device synchronize with the cloud?

yes and i don’t need it and doesn’t know how to disable the sync

So switch this synchronization off in your Settings in the account section. And then visit the e-cloud website, log in and delete all the crap which came unwanted there.

I already said elsewhere it would probably be less annoying to have this damned, accu, bandwidth and online space consuming synchronization OFF by default. If someone wants this really it can be switched on manually, after proper configuration, but not by default.

didn’t find where to switch the sync off… :frowning:

In the Settings app, the Accounts section (or whatever this is named in your language). There you should find an entry for your personal e.ecloud account. Tap on that.

Now you find an entry which is called Account Synchronization or similar. Tap on that.

There you can control every single type of data to synchronized or not. Switch off what you don’t want to have.

ok so i’ve found it and switch it off but the notification is still there… argh…

Delete the notification. And delete the unwanted stuff on the web (I already said it). Then there should come no new notification.

And perhaps (to be sure the synchronization really stops) make first a reboot.

i can’t delete the notification… i’ll try the other things later, i have to go to work :wink:

I find the app Autonotification useful for filtering out annoying notifications that I don’t want to see. Most of the functions in the app cost money or display ads, but the blocking is free.

allright, I deleted the cloud, put the sync off, and reboot… and I thought it was ok, but no, I just had a new notification, and my cloud is full again…
I hate this new update…

The reason is probably not that update. My device doesn’t sync anything, not a single file. The problem is in your settings.

didn’t have the problem before the update… So maybe the problem is in my setting (but i don’t see where) but it has begun just after the update.