TousAntiCovid Update issue

*** running /e/ 0.17 on BQ Aquaris Pro ***
I get several update notifications per day for “TousAntiCovid” application (French App for Covid tracking, european pass, etc…). But update systematically fails.
Currently, update notification is for V3.5.0 when I am running V3.3.5.
I notice the following, which looks strange to me. Application on my phone is installed from the /e/ Apps store with the following information :

  • Name “TousAntiCovid” - version 3.3.5 - Updated 2021-07-21
    But on Google PlayStore, I can see :
  • Name “TousAntiCovid” - version 3.5.0 - Updated 2021-07-21
    So it appears the update date is the same, but not the version number ! Does anybody can explains what is happening here ? Should I install APK file provided by FR Gouvernement ( to solve this issue ?
    Thank you.

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